Get Started Fast With Sibelius for Educators Part 1

“Hidden” features and ninja tricks

Last year I was asked by Avid – the company behind Sibelius notation – to create a series of videos for educators.  Educators and their students have specific needs which are at times different to those of the composers and arrangers that use the software.  The video series delves into some of my favourite “hidden” features and ninja tricks that are especially useful for educators.

New to Sibelius and need to start with the basics of score setup and note input? There is a companion video series created by Philip Rothman here that can help you with that.

Part 1: Organise, Analyse and Collaborate

The first video in the series looks at how students and teachers can mark up scores with comments and highlights and we also cover how to analyse a score using the Timeline feature.


Free downloadable Sibelius shortcuts list

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