Inspiring and Fascinating TED Talks for music educators (part 2)

So it seems like you love TED too

A couple of weeks ago I shared 8 of my favourite TED talks.  Lots of you let me know how much you love TED talks in general, many of you let me know I had chosen one of your favourite talks and you also let me know of some others that I haven’t yet mentioned.

Well, here is my second collection.  As mentioned in Part 1, this is going to become a regular post on my blog and I’ll share around 6-8 talks each time.

I am selecting talks on the subjects of music, education, leadership and technology (or a combination of those things!) that have resonated with me in some way.

I’d love to know about your favourites too

Have you seen a TED talk about music, education, leadership or technology that you believe is a “must-listen”?

Let me know in the comments below. I’ll save it to my list and you might find it on a future collection of Inspiring and Fascinating TED talks for Music Educators.

6 more favourites

Here are the TED talks for this round-up.  I’ve chosen 5 full-length talks and one performance by the a cappella group Naturally 7 (because there are SO many great performances at TED events!).


1. Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How To Fix A Broken School? Lead Fearlessly, Love Hard

Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s shares the approach she took to fix her “broken school” – a school labelled as “low-performing and persistently dangerous”.  A VERY moving and inspiring talk about love and leadership in trying circumstances.


2. Eric Whitacre: A Virtual Choir 2000 Voices Strong

Eric Whitacre describes his introduction into the world of choral singing and the moment he was inspired to create the “virtual choir” – a group of singers from all over the world who sang their parts via Youtube video. During the talk he makes the point that “human beings will go to any lengths necessary to find and connect with each other”.


3. Etienne Abelin: Colouring Music With The Music Animation Machine

Etienne Abelin shares what he call the “musical GPS” – a beautiful visual interpretation of music using coloured graphic that helps any listener (or watcher) follow along with a score.


4. Pamelia Kurstin: The Untouchable Music of the Theramin

Virtuoso theramin player Pamelia Kurstin performs and discusses the theremin – an instrument made famous by the Beach Boys song Good Vibrations and which holds the distinction of being played without being touched.


5. Megan Washington: Why I live in mortal dread of public speaking

Megan Washington – well-known Australian singer/songwriters – has had a stutter since childhood. In this fascinating talk, she shares the ways in which she copes with her speech impediment and the role that music plays.


6. Naturally 7: Beatboxing an Orchestra

R&B a cappella group Naturally 7 beatbox and imitate instruments in this performance of their single, “Fly Baby.”

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