Which iPad model should I buy for my music classes?

iPads for music teachers and their students

“Which iPad model should I purchase?”

This is a question I’m asked quite frequently, so here are my thoughts.

The most recent model when possible

My advice is to purchase the most recent iPad possible with the largest capacity you can afford. I would recommend 64GB as a minimum. Some apps – particularly the multimedia-type ones – are quite large and because you and your students will be using your iPad to create music and videos, files can also take up a substantial amount of room.

Reconditioned iPads

Yes – you can purchase older reconditioned models and that might be a good way to get started.  As always, it’s best to purchase from a reputable, authorised seller.  You will get better service and after-care and you’ll have someone to call on if you require tech support.  This aspect of purchasing any tech devices or software cannot be underestimated!


Consider purchasing the wifi-only model if you will mostly be using your iPad while at school or on your home wifi network. I have always had a wifi-only model and on the rare occasions I’m away from a wifi network, I simply use Personal Hotspot on my iPhone to connect to the internet. You could do the same if you have an iPhone or another type of Smartphone.

What about iPad Minis?

An iPad Mini is absolutely fine. It will run all the same apps as the regular size iPad – it simply has a smaller screen size. If you’re purchasing multiple iPads for your classroom, iPad Minis might be a good option because they are less expensive and you can squeeze a little more out of your budget. I would definitely consider them if working with young students that have small fingers!

iPad Pro?

Lastly, if you are going to frequently use the iPad for reading sheet music, the iPad Pro (which has the largest screen size) would definitely be my recommendation.  I’ve heard reports from friends that they are fantastic for this purpose!


If you have iPads already, any comments you would add?

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