Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide 2016

2016 edition now available

Every year since 2012 I’ve put together a list of free music technology resources especially for teachers and I’ve just finished updating the 2016 guide.

There are lots of “old favourites” in this year’s guide, like Staff Wars, Incredibox, and my usual favourite places to find images, videos and other resources.

There are also around 20 NEW listings which include these:

  • an excellent collection of sounds from NASA (use for remixing or film scoring projects)
  • fun ways to carry out formative assessment (and yes, they will track the results for you)
  • 3 options for creating your own teacher website or for your students to use

If you use any of the free resources regularly with your students, I’d love to hear about it.  Let me know in the comments below.

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