10 Most Popular Music Tech In Education Posts 2015

Happy holiday season!

It’s that time when I look back through my website stats to see which were the most popular posts of the year. This year, iPad-related posts continued to feature in the top 10 and step-by-step music technology lesson plans were also well-represented in the list.

Thank you all for your support, positive feedback, emails, comments and conversations on Facebook.  I’m really excited about some new things I have in store for 2016 and I can’t wait to reveal them to you!

Top 10 posts of 2015

Here they are.  They are in order, with the most popular at the top:

  1. 18 Ways to Use A Single iPad in the Music Classroom
  2. How To Get Student Videos Off iPads
  3. Clapping Music
  4. Rap My Name [Free Music Tech Lesson Plan]
  5. Staff Wars Game: Free Printable Score Cards
  6. Free Music Notation Software: MuseScore Version 2.0
  7. How To Record Students in a Noisy Classroom
  8. Digital Portfolios in Music Education Part 1
  9. Transforming the Blues Free iPad Project
  10. Professional Development On-The-Go: Podcasts for Music Educators

Flashback: most popular posts of 2014 and 2013

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