Transforming the 12 bar blues iPad GarageBand project

The 12 Bar Blues in a Tango Style?

If you’re looking for a blues activity that’s a little different – and you have some iPads you can use during class – you might like to ask students to “transform the blues” using the GarageBand app.

This lesson invites students to come up with their own unique take on the blues: record the blues pattern in a tango style, or a romantic style, or grunge style and then record a blues solo over the top of their backing.

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Download full step-by-step instructions and student checklists

GarageBand iPad Blues Project and checklist preview

There are full step-by-step instructions for this project, plus a project checklist (kind of like a project overview for students which breaks down the basic steps) and also a general GarageBand song setup checklist.

Click on the button below to download a copy of the instructions for this project, plus the two checklists. They will be sent straight to your email inbox.

Download the lesson plan

Video walkthrough

Here’s a video walkthrough of the project which you can also show your students.



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