Black Friday Sale: iPad Projects Ebook

Black Friday Sale: iPad Projects Ebook

iPad Projects For the Music Classroom Black Friday Sale 2015

Announcement: iPad Projects for the Music Classroom Ebook on sale

Happy Thanksgiving day to our friends in the US!  I’ve decided to join in with the US tradition of the Black Friday sale, so this is a quick note to let you know that the iPad Projects for the Music Classroom Ebook packages  will be on sale for the next few days, starting right now.

Sale information

START: Friday 27 November, 9am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (that’s Thursday 26 November, 5pm EST in the USA)

END: Tuesday 1 December, 3.59pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (that’s Monday 30 November, 11.59pm EST in the USA)

  • iPad Projects BASIC – $37 (usually $47)
  • iPad Projects PLUS $77 (usually $97)
  • iPad Projects COMPLETE $197 (usually $247)

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It’s more than an ebook: includes teaching videos and printable support materials

The iPad Projects digital ebook is a collection of 22 engaging step-by-step projects that you can use straight away with your students, but I wanted to make sure there was something extra for those that wanted it.

Instructional Videos

I’ve created an instructional video for each of the projects that you can show your students in class.

The benefits of the videos are many:

1. You can watch them yourself to shortcut your own learning before using the project with students

2. I can “teach your class for you”. You can use the video at the beginning of the class to introduce the project to the students as a group

3. Students that need to see the instructions again can watch the video on their own, freeing you up to help other students

4. You can concentrate on the musical and educational aspects of the project instead of worrying about the technical side

Bonus Support Materials: Checklists, Guides and Planners

In addition to the videos, there are many support materials to accompany the projects which include checklists, handy guides, planners to accompany some of the projects, an a cappella arrangement, beatboxing examples and a sample QR code “quest”.

Apps Used in the Projects

Here’s preview of one of the contents pages of the ebook which lists the apps used for the projects:

Projects by app

Packages: The 3 Options

iPad Projects for the Music Classroom will be available as 3 different package options:

1. iPad Projects BASIC Package

The digital ebook:

  • 22 engaging step-by-step iPad Projects

Included bonus materials with the Basic package:

  • 22 student project checklists. A “keep them on track” overview of each project
  • How to Set Up A GarageBand Song Project checklist
  • How to Set Up A GarageBand Storytelling Project checklist
  • Empty MadPad planning grid
  • MadPad Mystery Stories planner
  • How To Display Your iPad Guide
  • Beatboxing sentences score
  • Four-chord song backing arrangement
  • DM1 Drum Styles guide
  • Aurasma “How To View” Printable Instructions

2. iPad Projects PLUS Package

Everything in the BASIC package, plus:

  • 22 online instructional videos (let me teach your class for you!)
  • 19-page bonus ebook: The Step-by-Step Guide to Recording a Song in Garageband for iPad
  • Sample QR code quest – “The Blues Edition”
  • QR code quest student answer sheet

3. iPad Projects COMPLETE Package

Everything in the BASIC and PLUS packages, and also:


iPad Projects for the Music Classroom purchase button

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  1. Ashleigh November 30, 2015 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Hi Katie, I’m wondering how many of these projects are suitable for primary students just starting out.

    • Katie December 1, 2015 at 7:27 am - Reply

      Hi Ashleigh,

      None of the projects assume any prior knowledge – they all start from the beginning and are explained as if you or the students have never used the app before. If you have students that want to move more quickly because they are familiar with an app (or they’ve done the project before) there are Student Checklists you can use which present the steps in a pared-back form.

      – Katie

  2. Ashleigh December 1, 2015 at 9:31 am - Reply

    And would I need to purchase the program for each iPad? I’m assuming so.
    Thanks for your help.

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