Free Music Technology Education Resources – Updated for 2015

Each year I revise my Ultimate Free Music Technology Resources Guide and yesterday I finished this year’s version.

Many of the resources in the guide are unchanged, but some have undergone updates and a couple have even disappeared altogether (bye bye iNudge 🙁 ). This is the way of the web!

Over 100 free technology resources for music teachers!

The guide features more than 100 (yes, 100!) individual technology resources for music teachers and they are divided into categories that include:

  • Reading Notes of the Staff
  • Ear-Training
  • Rhythm
  • Music Theory
  • Notation
  • Recording and Sequencing
  • Creating Loops and Patterns
  • Remixing, Arranging and Composing
  • Create Your Own Music Games

…and 6 others.

Appearing for the first time…

There are more than 12 NEW websites or resources in the guide, including a few new favourites for me:

  • Soundtrap – an in-browser GarageBand style program that works across all devices (yay!)
  • Opera Strips – a series of comic strips that explain complex opera synopses in a visual way
  • The Philharmonia Orchestra guides – fantastic set of videos about instruments of the orchestra
  • Papatap – an online “instrument” which uses your computer keyboard to trigger sounds, loops and visuals

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