The 8 Most Popular iPads In Music Education Articles of 2014

In early January, I shared the list of my 10 most popular music tech articles for 2014. Although the list covered a range of topics, and I wanted to also take a look at the most popular iPad-specific articles for the year. Three of these appeared on the overall “top 10” list, but it was interesting to see which other ones would surface. I even managed to re-discover a couple that I forgot I wrote!

Did you see all of these popular iPads in music education articles that were published in 2014?

The Most Popular iPads in Music Education Posts 2014

1. Best Music Notation Apps for iPad

2. App Of The Week: NotateMe

3. How To Display Your iPad in the Music Classroom

4. Flipped Music Video Lessons On Any Device, Super-Fast

5. Make Your Own Follow The Bouncing Ball Videos With Explain Everything

6. A Quick Guide To The Art Of Live Looping

7. Quick Music Games Using GarageBand For iPad

8. 5 Tips for Recording Students On iPad

New iPad Video Training Series Coming Soon

I’m currently working on a special new video training series that will tackle the most common issues faced by music teachers using iPads with students (hint: one of them will cover WORKFLOW – ie. the options for getting student audio and video files on and off iPads).

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