Free Download: Favourite GarageBand (for Mac) Shortcuts

It seems I’m having a GarageBand month: last week I ran two full-day private workshops at two different schools, I have another “public” all-day workshop coming up next week in Melbourne and I’m about to begin running my 4-week Creative Projects with GarageBand Online Course on May 1 (and yes, there are still some places available).

Whenever I put together session notes and course materials I like to include my own curated list of keyboard shortcuts for whichever software program I’m using: the shortcuts that I think are most useful. Learning even a few shortcuts can speed up your work immensely. I’ve just completed the GarageBand list and thought I’d share it here in case others found it useful too.

GarageBand Training for Music Teachers

If you’re interested in learning more about GarageBand (for Mac), I run a Creative Projects with GarageBand online course and face-to-face training sessions in Australia. If you have an iPad and want to know more about the iPad version of GarageBand, I cover that in the iPads in the Music Classroom face-to-face workshop and also in the iPads online course.

Click on the image below to download

GarageBand Keyboard Shortcuts