The New 2013 Guide

All year, music teachers that have signed up for my email newsletter have received my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Free Music Technology Resources 2012. As is the way with technology, things change over time and some of the resources in the 2012 ebook are no longer available. I’m particularly sorry to see the two Aviary tools – Roc and Myna – disappear!

The good news is that new resources are constantly being developed as well, so I have updated the ebook to reflect these changes. There are new appearances from Quaver Music (lots of great interactive online tools for primary and elementary music teachers), an expanded section about the Triptico Desktop Resources, a sequencer that allows you to create your own world music compositions and more.

Get Your Copy

If you already have my monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox, you would have received a link to the new 2013 edition of The Ultimate Guide To Free Music Technology Resources (check your inbox!). If you’re not yet part of the mailing list and would like to receive the ebook, you can sign up here or click on the image below.