My Latest Project: Studio Sessions for middle school

My Latest Project: Studio Sessions for middle school

I was pleased to be contacted earlier this year by Kate Whitney (director of MusicEDU) to write Studio Sessions – a music program for lower secondary school students that incorporates music technology skills such as multi-track recording, sequencing and creating special effects with a focus keyboard playing, composition and listening exercises.

Studio Sessions follows on from the very successful Keyboard Evolution program which introduces students in the first year of high school to musical concepts, note reading, and performance opportunities.

The Studio Sessions program that has multiple delivery options, including digital keyboards, computers and Jamhub and it can be run intensively over one term, or spread out over 6 or 12 months. There’s a student workbook, as well as website resources for both student and teachers including video clips, backing tracks and extension material.

Program Content

It was lots of fun devising the program and I came up with three themes to encompass the 10 sessions:

1. Be a Music Producer

2. Be an Audio Engineer

3. Be a Film Composer

Student activities include:

  • composing program music
  • synchronising music to film
  • creating and exploring new sounds
  • making your own ringtone
  • remixing a classical piece
  • performing
  • playing ensemble arrangements
  • listening exercises
  • and more

Next steps?

We’re currently in the pilot phase of the program and will be released nationally in 2013. If you’d like more information about Studio Sessions, please visit the Studio Sessions page on the MusicEDU website.

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  1. Tammy Marks August 24, 2014 at 10:40 pm - Reply

    Dear Katie,
    I stumbled upon your Pinterest page this summer… Your resources are what I have been searching for! They are pertinent, relevant, engaging. Most importantly, your lessons are written beautifully so a person like myself who is not tech savi, but who is trying to incorporate for my students, can follow and feel successful.
    I am very much interested in your Studio Sessions for middle school . I am in the process of replacing a 13 year old dying MIE keyboard lab. I am seeking ideas up replace it with a music tech lab. I want to use the iMac computer, midi keyboards. I am considering ePiano software, Music Ace Maestro and of course Garage band. Will be incorporating iPad to use for a station for students to rotate in and out of. I only have my students for nine weeks so I am particularly interested in project based activities. I would love to know more about your book, am awaiting the Garage Band projects for iPad book, and would appreciate any suggestions on funding sources. Thanks again for igniting an interest in music tech and providing so many wonderful tools! Tammy

    • Katie September 5, 2014 at 9:25 am - Reply

      Hi Tammy! Thankyou for the kind comments. I’m glad you’ve found the resources useful. I’ll email you separately about Studio Sessions with more information.
      – Katie

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