If you compose or arrange regularly for a particular music ensemble, you might find yourself setting up scores using the same group of instruments over and over again.  To save time, you can set up score templates in Sibelius which will appear in the list of ensembles in the New Score Wizard.

To find out how, take a look at this video:

If you ever need to delete or rename a manuscript template you can do so by heading to a folder called Manuscript Paper which is located in Sibelius’s application data folder.  Here are the locations of that folder (which differs depending on which operating system you’re working with):

Windows Vista: C:UsersusernameApplication DataSibelius SoftwareSibelius 6

Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataSibelius SoftwareSibelius 6

Mac: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Sibelius 6

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