Free Video Training: Rap My Name


You’re probably here because you downloaded my 3 free lesson plans:

  1. Rap My Name
  2. Clapping Music
  3. Chrome Music Lab: Rhythm

(if you haven’t already downloaded those, you can do that here)

I’ve created a bonus training video which walks you through the first lesson – Rap My Name.

There are many software options for doing the Rap My Name lesson with your students and you adapt it to the software and devices you have available at your school.

I thought I’d share one possible way you can do the lesson with your students, which uses two free resources:

  1. The online HTML5 Drum Machine
  2. Free audio editing software Audacity

Both free resources work on Mac and PC laptops or desktop computers.

I hope you enjoy the video!

– Katie

Video Training: Rap My Name