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How to make a funky beat in 30 seconds

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 July 30th, 2015|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Want to spice up your 3-note recorder melodies? Add a little excitement to your Orff-style arrangement of Merrily We Roll Along? Make the playing of scales and other drills - dare we say - exciting? Even the most boring musical piece can sound a lot more funky if it's accompanied by a cool beat. The [...]

Staff Wars Game: Free Printable Score Cards

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 May 22nd, 2015|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

  Free note identification game for all platforms and devices With its Star Wars-style space theme, Staff Wars has long been a favourite note identification game of music teachers around the world. Even though I’ve been using it in workshops and conference presentations - since 2009 I think (!!) - there are still teachers who [...]

18 Ways To Use A Single iPad In The Music Classroom

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 April 15th, 2015|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

18 Ways To Use A Single iPad In The Music Classroom Even if you have only one iPad (your own!) there are still lots of ways you can use it with your students, especially if you can plug it into a data projector and speakers. Here are 18 ideas: 1. Practice note names Use an [...]

Quick Music Games Using GarageBand For iPad

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 October 24th, 2014|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

All you need are the Smart Drums I was running an iPad workshop last week and it occurred to me that the Dice "randomiser" function in the Smart Drums could make a good listening exercise tool for students. And why not turn it into a game? The Smart Drums instrument in GarageBand allows you to [...]

Using Incredibox To Introduce Remixing

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 September 10th, 2014|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Please note: this post was originally published in August 2012. I'm not sure how or why, but the original post disappeared completely (!). Thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine I was able to grab a copy of the text and re-do the whole thing. I took the opportunity to revise it a little [...]

How To Beatbox – Boots ‘n Cats and Other Simple Sentences

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 August 5th, 2014|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Beatboxing sentences **Free downloadable beatboxing sentences below** Lately I've been working hard to finish my iPad Projects in the Music Classroom ebook and one of the projects in the collection involves recording a beatbox backing track with the live looping app Loopy HD. I've been fascinated with the art of live looping my voice for [...]

Flipped Music Video Lessons On Any Device, Super-Fast

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:35+00:00 July 24th, 2014|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Meaningful Video Responses A couple of weeks ago I shared my collection of Clever Music videos on Pinterest which had a great response. This week I wanted to share an easy way to make viewing those videos - or other Youtube videos - more meaningful for your students. By using the free online TED-ED lesson [...]

How To Create Spooky Music Using GarageBand for iPad

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:36+00:00 October 1st, 2013|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

8 ways to create spooky music sounds for soundscapes and storytelling I've been working hard on my upcoming ebook iPad Projects for the Music Classroom and wanted to share a little taster project with you. This is a simple project involving the GarageBand app and it's suitable for the music classroom and also for the [...]

Sharing Music Tech Classroom Ideas Part 2: USA – Middle and High School

By | 2017-02-23T15:19:39+00:00 April 4th, 2012|Lesson plans and ideas, Music Tech Tips|

Earlier, I wrote about some Australian teachers who were sharing their music technology classroom projects and observations online. In this second part, we take a look at just some of teachers in the United States who are sharing their middle school and high school music technology projects online. Wayne Splettstoeszer Wayne Splettstoeszer's music technology program [...]