MTT06: 15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom

By |February 14th, 2017|

15 ways to use a single computer in the music classroom
In episode 4 I talked about 19 different ways you can use just one iPad in music education, and I wanted to follow that up today with some ideas for using a single computer with your students.  I know that some of you don’t have […]

Christmas Songs Emoji Quiz [Free download]

By |December 19th, 2016|

The Christmas Song Emoji Quiz!
Last night I noticed that one of the posts in the Music Teachers Facebook group was getting a lot of attention.  Teacher Krista Reeder invited everyone to take part in a game of “guess the Christmas song” by using only emojis to depict the title.  A couple of hundred comments later, […]

Clever Music Videos for the Holiday Season Part 3

By |December 15th, 2016|

Holiday season music videos
As the year draws to a close, I thought I’d share a few favourite clever/funny music videos that you might find useful to show your students.

This is the third time I’ve shared holiday season videos.  You can find the previous two collections here:

Clever Music Videos Holiday Season Part 1
Clever Music Videos […]