MTT12: Where To Find Free Sheet Music

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Where to find free sheet music If you’re a music teacher on a tight budget it can be difficult to find the money to purchase sheet music for the myriad of music ensembles, instrumental and vocal students you may have at your school. It’s good to know that these days there are LOTS of websites [...]

Most popular graduation songs [2017 edition]

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  It’s that time of year! “Does anyone have a great graduation song suggestions??” Towards the end of March (USA/Europe) and beginning of November (Australia/New Zealand) I start to see teachers ask for graduation song suggestions on Facebook and other social media channels.  Although new fresh ones appear each year, some songs are perennial favourites. [...]

MTT11: From Technophobe to Tech “Expert”

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From technophobe to tech "expert" - how I ended up doing what I do I'm often asked how I ended up where I am - as a music technology in education trainer. I share my accidental journey from technophobe (it wasn't that long ago!) to tech "expert" and talk about the things I've learnt along [...]

Christmas Songs Emoji Quiz [Free download]

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The Christmas Song Emoji Quiz! Last night I noticed that one of the posts in the Music Teachers Facebook group was getting a lot of attention.  Teacher Krista Reeder invited everyone to take part in a game of "guess the Christmas song" by using only emojis to depict the title.  A couple of hundred comments [...]

Clever Music Videos for the Holiday Season Part 3

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  Holiday season music videos As the year draws to a close, I thought I'd share a few favourite clever/funny music videos that you might find useful to show your students. This is the third time I've shared holiday season videos.  You can find the previous two collections here: Clever Music Videos Holiday Season Part 1 [...]