The Christmas Song Emoji Quiz!

Last night I noticed that one of the posts in the Music Teachers Facebook group was getting a lot of attention.  Teacher Krista Reeder invited everyone to take part in a game of “guess the Christmas song” by using only emojis to depict the title.  A couple of hundred comments later, there ended up being quite a decent list of emoji songs!


Worksheet version for students

I thought it might be useful to collect them and put them into a worksheet format for students in class.  I’ve split the songs into two separate quiz worksheets – verion 1 and version 2 – and each have a different series of questions.  I realise that it might be a bit too late for many of you to use the quiz this year, but you can always save it up for 2017 and beyond!



Tip for those of you with young students

If you have young students that might struggle to answer the questions, you could print out the answer sheet, cut up all the questions and answers and play a game of “match the song to the emojis” (perhaps with just a handful of songs that you are confident they know).

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